Oym Museum of Toys

ピクサー ルクソー Jr. トイコレクション
pixar luxo jr. lamp collection

luxo sr.
short film
el. tango
luxo / storm studios / 2009

luxo jr.
pixar logo history
pixar / 1986-2011

tin toy toy le500 art toy collectibles sd comic-con mind style / 2010
luxo jr. desk lampup limited edition luxo jr. collectible desk lamp pack pixar / 2009
luxo jr. ornament wdw / 2010
knick knack ornament le2400 nome sweet nome, alaska disney store / 2013
luxo jr. toy the ultimate interactive desk accessory ! thinkway toys / 2005
tin toy pins le300 short film series disney soda fountain / 2010
luxo l-1 task lamp luxo / 2005
luxo l-1 catalogue 75th anv. the original 1937-2012 luxo / 2013